august 20, 2014

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“Tranquility is a certain quality of mind which no condition or fortune can either exalt or depress.”
~ Seneca


lookin' at you lookin' at me
lookin’ at you lookin’ at me


I thought my day was going to be kind of boring, what with it starting in a three-hour training class on cash handling and all. Quite the contrary. I found myself sandwiched between Marie Dale and the really awesome receptionist from the voice therapy office. The time flew. Seems I’d only just gotten back to the office when Ruth Bryan appeared in my door to ask if I would take a few photos of her being photographed by someone from the Herald-Leader. To my surprise, photographer Mark Cornelison remembered me from 17 years ago when I did some freelancing for the paper. I had a blast, Mark was sweet as can be, and Ruth was a hoot. I got lots of other good things done at work, too. In fact, my day was so awesome I didn’t even mind that it took 50 minutes to drive the 2.7 miles home because a thunderstorm knocked out all the traffic lights at rush hour, or that my power was out for three hours. No sir, nothing was going to rain on my jolly mood today.


the kids are alright
the kids are alright


You’re wondering why the paper was doing photos with Ruth, aren’t you? As University Archivist, Ruth has been looking after a cache of silver plated tea sets discovered in an old safe from one of the dorms that was torn down over the summer. I don’t think she said much about the find initially, but somehow UK PR got wind of it, and they told a local TV station a few weeks ago. Now, the Herald-Leader is on board. Whatever the path, it made for an uber-fun afternoon.


look at this
look at this

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