august 5, 2022

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“So many walk through life trying to fit in. The truth is, darling, you were always meant to stand out.” ~ Mona Lee

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Inside Appalshop is the fabulous theater named for the Richardsons, who were instrumental in Appalshop’s beginning back in 1969. Bill Richardson was out there with us all day, helping shepherd the films to the freezer truck and hauling wheelbarrow loads of trash to the garbage pile along the street. He was in very good spirits, as was his wife. In fact, many folks I know who were there last Tuesday and who have been involved with Appalshop for decades were all quite positive. I wouldn’t say they were upbeat or happy, but they weren’t defeated either. It’s that kind of attitude that’s enabled Appalshop to survive and thrive all these decades, and it’s the kind of outlook that will enable the comeback. It will happen.

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