august 6, 2022

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“May we stop seeing ourselves through the eyes of people who never saw us.” ~ Shane Steele

record keeper

I come by my love of photographs and ancestry honestly. Cousin Eunice is the keeper of the Terry Clan lineage. The walls of her house are covered with family portraits. When we visited Tuesday, she showed me photos I’d never seen before, like my grandfather Terry and five of his eight siblings (photo four). And like my grandmother Adams (maternal grandmother), she writes essential information on the back of the pictures so that the next lineage keeper will know their ancestor’s names. Our Terry line hail from Adam (Casebolt) Terry and Elizabeth “Betty” Jones (third photo).  He and his second wife are buried beside HWY 80 on the Perry/Knott County line. Their plots were moved to put the highway through in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Mom, Dad, and I visited back in 2017. Elizabeth is buried at Ary in Perry County, which suffered extreme flooding last week. Eunice’s mother, among many others in our family, is also buried there. Fortunately, like most mountain cemeteries, the Ary cemetery sits up the hill away from water’s threat. I can’t wait to visit with Eunice and Johnny again and learn more. I bet she’s got more family pictures I’ve never seen. She’s a treasure.

great grandparents
siblings #2
If the walls could talk

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