december 11, 2016

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“Walk in peace. Shine love into every dark corner. Show kindness. Maybe a little sassafras.”
~ Vicki Caroline Cheatwood


dastardly o'possum (snapseed)
dastardly o’possum (snapseed)


When the Thurman – Plested clan were here in the fall I told a story about Wally confronting a possum. It’s not as funny without the visuals, but essentially it goes like this: I heard unusual barking after I let Wally out for his evening constitutional. It wasn’t a, “Hey, I see you walking past my house,” bark, or a, “Hey, what are you doing in my driveway?” bark. It wasn’t even a, “Squirrel, squirrel, I hate you, squirrel,” bark. It was more like the talking bark he uses with Leo the cat. It’s conversational, not at all aggressive. Knowing the cats were inside, and the yard was fenced, I didn’t know what could be happening. I popped my head out the back door and there he was about five feet from a possum. Wally was talking. The possum was hissing. I was thinking, “Thank God he’s had his shots,” followed soon after by, “this could get expensive,” when I saw the possum’s teeth. But Wally wasn’t charging. He was just talking. The possum would take a few steps away from him, and Wally, in his best rabbit imitation, would hop. Yes hop after the possum as if he was giving chase…but not really. It was just part of the game, and clearly the possum was wise to the rules. The possum would stop and hiss. Wally would talk and hop. And on they went down the fenceline until the possum made his way under the fence and out of the yard. It was the funniest show Wally has ever put on. Barb and Pam remembered that story, and yesterday, this painting of a possum on a piece of cannel coal (yes, as in Cannel City cannel coal) showed up in my mailbox. I haven’t stopped laughing. Those two remember everything I tell them, and I love it! I love the possum, and I love them, too.

  1. Shirley Terry

    Oh my goodness….what a funny story and I can imagine Wally with the “possum”! Wally was probably telling him/her how double-ugly it was with those ugly little “beady-eyes” and how it was so ugly it couldn’t even win an ugly contest….on and on and on! Just glad the ugly eyes left with no harm done.

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