june 4, 2022

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“Believe you deserve and the universe will serve it.” ~ Unknown This little so and so has been in the dog house the better of the day. Apparently, as best we can tell, Wally aka the Escape Artist took advantage … Continued

january 8, 2022

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“Paying close attention — even to the stressful things in life — can actually help you manage your negative reactions.” ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn⁠ 57 feels…..just like 56! I’ve been getting birthday cards and well-wishing messages all week. Then today, the … Continued

january 6, 2022

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“Our egos are easily hurt, and they react quickly and impulsively in anger, fear, defensiveness, exaggeration, frustration, self-preservation, insecurity, and self-pity. But all that drama can be avoided, or at least minimized, with a little self-awareness.” ~ TinyBuddha Look at … Continued

january 4, 2022

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“May this be the day We come together. Mourning, we come to mend, Withered, we come to weather, Torn, we come to tend, Battered, we come to better. Tethered by this year of yearning, We are learning That though we … Continued