december 13, 2023

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“To be kind is more important than to be right. Many times, what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a special heart that listens.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

winner, winner, mimosa dinner

Today was the library’s holiday luncheon, and because it was held at Kroger Stadium, two adult beverages were provided. Crystal just moved to her new house yesterday, and her exhaustion was rewarded with additional drink tickets. Rightfully so, too. The woman has worked her butt off for weeks, and her hosting family for the holidays starts tonight. No rest for the weary, eh? No rest for Crystal, that’s for sure. We toasted her success – and exhaustion – with mimosas for lunch and spent a nice afternoon visiting with one another and many others from across the libraries. I must say, there have been some exceptional new hires this past year, and they’ve really brought some good and much-needed energy to the fold. Here’s to a fun and productive 2024.

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  1. Crystal Carle

    I love the blog so much I really enjoy seeing them and reading them too. thank you for sharing and letting me see all of them.

  2. Crystal Carle

    Kopana, I don’t know you personally but your mom Shirley asked me if I wanted to join your blog and I said I would love to. I am Crystal Carle I am her friend Cathy’s grand daughter from the army if you have heard of her at all. I love this site it helped me get through my day today. tell your mom I said thank you so much.

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