december 25, 2021

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“My thoughts at the start of this Christmas day…if you have great joy at being in your circle of family and friends, may that joy, love, and peace stay with you throughout the next year. If your day was one of sadness, if you felt the loss of loved ones, may the new year bring healing to your heart, memories that bring back your smile and creates peace in your soul. If you are alone on this day, it is my hope that you are at peace with solitude and that you recognize the worth and value of being you, and that you enjoy your own company. Most of all, I wish peace for all of you, my friends; peace that brings you fulfillment and warmth. Merry Merry Christmas!” ~ Pamela Jumper Thurman

start of the day

Dad had a bad day, but despite feeling bad, he wanted to see family. As always, we enjoyed our time together, and I think we all realize that any time we can be together is precious. It’s becoming more and more valuable with each passing year. We missed being with Charleen and Danny, the other two remaining Terry children, and the entire family, too, though a much larger room would have been necessary for that. Merry Christmas From The Terrys. Hug your people. Tell them you love them. 


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