december 27, 2013

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Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.” ~ Unknown

it's the small things we remember
it’s the small things we remember

Funerals are such sad occasions, yet they often provide the only chance for folks to visit. Betina Gardner and I talked about it at her father’s funeral today. Charlie Conley was laid to rest in one of the most beautiful places in Morgan County. He was eulogized more than once for being a Louisville Cardinals fan in a sea of Kentucky Wildcats. Charlie was a good man, a funny man, and he and Martha Coffee raised good, humor-filled children who are now doing the same with their children, like Kadence (above). Martha’s sister, Sharon (with Kadence) was my babysitter when I was little. At lunch back at the church, she talked about another child who remembered fondly, what was for Sharon, a rather mundane event when she was his babysitter. “You know, it’s the little things they remember,” Sharon remarked. For child and adult alike, it’s the little things we remember because it’s the little things that matter. Charlie knew that, and it’s just one thing he passed on to all who knew him. It’s our job to pass it on, too, just like Sharon does. It’s the little things that matter.

Neal Valley
Neal Valley

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