february 1, 2024

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“In the here, in the here now, no worries, only meow.” ~ Unknown

Maxwell Place

On Tuesday, I had the occasion to go inside the UK president’s house called Maxwell Place (I still call it Maxwell House and probably always will). I’ve passed the outside a thousand times in the 30 years I’ve been around campus. Thirty years it took to be invited inside. Let me first say I’ve not been waiting or wanting to be invited to go inside, and second, it’s a sturdy, well-built home that was surprisingly warm, unlike many other homes of the era with high ceilings. We only saw the front two parlour rooms and the hall, but as expected, they were elegantly styled with tame artwork. I was part of a random group of faculty invited to spend an hour with the president, ask questions, and discuss what we thought was going right or wrong across campus. It was an interesting hour. 


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