february 14, 2013

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Take away love and our earth is a tomb.” ~ Robert Browning

green (Hipstamatic)

I watched young men walk across campus with beautiful bouquets, pink ballons, and assorted treats. I wanted to hug their sweet little necks and tell them how much she (or he) is going to love their gifts. Then, at Kroger I found their older selves picking through dozens of bouquets, some thoughtfully, others not so much. The shelves of Russell Stover were laid bare, though. Not a single box remained by 6pm. The men were all so incredibly cute that I spent my hour shopping with a smile. There’s a city full of lucky, loved women (or men) tonight. Well done, boys! Even the sunset sky was pink and red with Valentine love for you.

edible delights
edible delights (snapseed)

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