february 25, 2014

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Happiness isn’t getting everything you want. It’s enjoying all you have.” ~ Unknown

historic preservation
historic preservation

The old Vaughan tobacco warehouse sits to the left of the old R.J. Reynolds tobacco warehouse. The former serves as UK’s surplus building where old equipment goes to die, or be found and repurposed usually by art students. The latter has been posing as the fine arts studio classroom building for decades. That’s where I had all my art studio courses. It comes with roaches big enough to bite your legs off and ghost stories a-plenty. They’re finally moving the art students to a nearby renovated, and safer, former tobacco warehouse. And while no one will argue that the Reynolds and Vaughan buildings have their problems, I sure hope UK doesn’t tear them down like they’re tearing down everything else. There are way too many artist’s memories using those spaces. Some of the best years of my life were spent in that place.

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