january 10, 2021

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“When we’re caught in a storm of emotions, we can practice to be like the trunk of the tree. We don’t stay up in the high branches. We go down to the trunk and become still, not carried away by our thinking and emotions.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

birthday girl

I’m such a dunce. I forgot to give the birthday girl her birthday present yesterday during our birthday dinner. God love her, she had dressed up and everything because I always take pictures of her when she’s in her mumu (muumuu or moomoo, take your pick) with her hair a-mess, and I still forgot her present. Reminded by Deb because she made the necklace and earrings and wanted to know how mom liked them, I thought to give them to her tonight….in her mumu and hair a-mess. I’m sorry, mom. I didn’t do it on purpose. By the way, she absolutely adored her handmade jewelry from Deb. She couldn’t stop talking about it. Dad loved them so much I thought he was going to put them on for a second. He just bragged and bragged about how perfect they were for mom. He’s right. They are perfect for her. Let the birthday month continue!

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