january 11, 2021

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“When we can no longer change our circumstances, we are challenged to change ourselves.” ~ Simon George

in progress

The week before Christmas 2020 found me weary from being cooped up in my office that doubled, and still does, as my living room. The semester was over, the holidays weren’t quite ready for prime time, and I found myself longing for something different. So I bought a 1,000 piece puzzle. They love puzzles at work. There’s always a puzzle going and many of my co-workers use it as a way to destress throughout the day on their breaks. I never participate, and I’m sure they think I don’t like puzzles, but in fact, I do. I just don’t do them because, like most everything else I take on, if I can’t do it or finish it in a reasonable amount of time, I just can’t stand to do it. So in the evenings during the week before Christmas I put half the puzzle together. I took a week off to eat, and gift give and get, and eat some more, then I made it my goal to finish the puzzle on New Year’s Eave. Goal achieved. It really helped take the edge off and propped me up to face 2021.


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