january 13, 2022

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“The caterpillar grows wings during a season of isolation. Remember that the next time you’re alone.” ~ Mandy Hale

a true gentle man

I can say with all conviction that yesterday was truly a no good very bad day. Not only did dad take a bad turn (more on that in a bit), but this sweet, gentle servant of family and friends left this world quite unexpectedly. Whitney Chandler was honestly one of the most humble, good-natured, funny, smart, compassionate people I ever had the pleasure of knowing. Among his many talents and vocations he was publisher of the Woodford County Sun, and caretaker to his son, his mother, one of his brothers, and so many others, even if all they needed was a shoulder to lean on and heart to hear them. He and his first cousin Erin Chandler we as close as siblings, so this couldn’t strike any closer to home for her. That, too, breaks my heart. She called him her “North Star.” As Stacy rightly put it, “I can’t think of words of praise and love more powerful than calling someone ‘My North Star.'” Everyone who knew Whit loved him, and everyone who has learned the news is in shock… a seemingly healthy man of 57 – poof – Elvis has left the building. Travel well, my friend, and thank you for always being happy to see me, loving the music from day one, and making me feel like a million bucks.

As for our Hero, he was admitted to UK this morning. The long and short of it is he has some unresolved issues from Covid, but the trauma of such an illness is quite severe for dementia sufferers. For whatever reason, it tends to knock them down so hard and so fast that their already limited capacity is overtaxed, sending them into a deep dementia spiral. In other words, it causes the disease to progress swiftly. Vascular dementia such as dad’s can be a pretty long haul, but events like this are a bit like warp speed by comparison. He’s being treated with more antibiotics, and then we will wait and hope that some of his faculties will return. There is hope that it will happen, and with good care and answered prayers, it can. Thank you to all of you who have reached out and left messages on facebook, text, email, and phone. Your kindness buoys our spirits and wraps us in love. I know that’s happening for Erin and all of Whit’s family, too.

Enough with the no good very bad days now, 2022. You’ve made your point.

happiest dude

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