january 14, 2022

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“For those who may feel alone, like no one cares, I have some truths for you. Somewhere, someone is recalling a great memory that you created. If you have a pet, he/she is looking at you with love, pure unconditional love, always happy to see you!… Someone who you don’t even know is out there, maybe on Facebook or instagram or other social media, who admires you or something you made. Find something good in your moment, maybe it’s the color of the sky or a picture on your wall but look for it and smile. When you think the world has forgotten you, just stop for a few seconds, breathe, and take another look… Someone, somewhere, heard a song today and perhaps thought of you. I go through all of this just to assure you that you really aren’t alone… Just reach out… there is always someone who will take your hand, your call, your text…you aren’t alone.” ~ Pamela Jumper Thurman


The big snow storm we had a week ago offered a lovely view of mom and dad’s flag and left-over Christmas decorations. We’re expecting more at some point this extended weekend, but no where near as much as last weekend. It was beautiful while it lasted.

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