january 22, 2023

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“The world will judge you no matter what you do. Live the life you want.” ~ Unknown

Commonwealth sunset

This image was captured some time ago, maybe December. It definitely wasn’t today because today was a misty, dreary, cold typical Kentucky winter day. Northern Kentucky was lucky enough to get a few inches of snow. As for me, it was a busy day of doing, and I am continually reminded that two-day weekends ain’t cutting it. A long-time proponent of the three-day weekend, as my workload continues to increase due to last year’s reclassification, I’m more confident than ever that I could manage my work and school and my day job flawlessly with a 3/4 spilt week instead of the traditional 2/5. What robber baron thought a five-day workweek was a good idea and then convinced an entire country to do it? If you know, tell me. Not that they’re still alive or that I could do anything about it if they were, but I am genuinely curious about how we got here.

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