january 24, 2020

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“If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” ~ Neil Peart

birthday girl

Our Shero turned 78 today, and I had quite a great day with her and Hero. I gave a presentation for work this morning, then it was off with the birthday girl to get her license renewed. We stopped off at Ramsey’s for a delicious lunch. They always treat my parents so good, bending over backwards to be kind. Of course all the waitresses love dad because he flirts with them. It’s very sweet. We three went to see 1917, too. It was the first time mom and dad had been to the Kentucky Theater. They thought it was beautiful, and we talked about the first movies they ever saw. Mom’s first film was Elvis in Love Me Tender. She sneaked into “the show” at the old Rex Theater in West Liberty. Dad saw a Tex Ritter film at a theater in downtown Hazard. Neither theater looked like The Kentucky I’m told. Now, our day did have one small snag. We got to the door of the license shop and found it locked with signs posted saying their computer system was down with no ETA for its return. Our Shero may be driving illegally for a while. Apart from that we had a near perfect day. The parental unit look good for their ages, doncha think? There might be hope for me yet.

birthday girl and her date

  1. Mom

    Thank you, I had a most lovely 😊 birthday with the ones I love most in this world.

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