january 5, 2015

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“I am thankful for nights that turned into days,
friends that turned into family, and dreams that turned into reality.”
~ Unknown


granddog approved
grand-dog approved


Mom and dad came to stay the night. They were eager to meet Wally (that’s not why they came down, though). It was love at first sight for all of them. It was some much needed levity after a weird ride home. The city police had the street shut off. Someone was blockaded in their home threatening to harm themselves. The house in question was squarely situated between my house and Stacy’s, so she couldn’t get home. After thirty minutes the street was reopened, and I drove Stacy to her house. That’s when we realized we know the troubled neighbor. She’s a very, very kind woman, and it hurts my heart, and Stacy’s, to think she has fallen into such despair. I’m saying little prayers for her tonight, and giving thanks for her kindness. I’m grateful, too, that the grandparents approve of their new grand-dog, and vice versa. Mom is already plotting ways to get him home in her bag.


I love these people
I love these people

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