january 6, 2022

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“Our egos are easily hurt, and they react quickly and impulsively in anger, fear, defensiveness, exaggeration, frustration, self-preservation, insecurity, and self-pity. But all that drama can be avoided, or at least minimized, with a little self-awareness.” ~ TinyBuddha


Look at this adorable little fella. We had nine inches of snow today. As much as I love it, Wally hates it equally as much. He’s just not built for anything taller than a few inches, and these were taken while the snow was still accumulating. He didn’t get to go next door. In fact, he only very, very reluctantly went out to do his business after he just couldn’t hold it anymore. He high-tailed it back into the house post-haste, too. Of course, in Wally’s world, this is all my fault. Thankfully, he forgives easily. We could a lot from dogs.


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  1. Mary Molinaro

    That Wally is SO STINKIN’ CUTE!!! I want a dog so bad and I want one just like him! 🥰

  2. MOM

    Wally is so cute and loving and lovable. it’s a wonder the cold snow didn’t freeze his little “tally-whacker”….!!!!!! We love Wally. I hope your friend gets a Wally.

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