january 7, 2016

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“Please be good to each other (start with yourselves), think before you speak, practice awareness, love fiercely, live in the now and “choose” to be happy & yes I do believe it can be that simple.”
~ Bree Chapman


mall companion
mall companion


This time last year, when I turned the big five-oh, mom was in bad shape with her shoulder and unable to do much, let alone celebrate. She’s much better now, and with dad retiring just last week, tonight they made extra effort to come see me and take me out for birthday dinner (actual birthday is tomorrow). It was a fabulous treat. Of course, we had to go to the Apple store first so mom could have her devices sorted out (password problems apparently). My only mistake in the whole evening was not taking a picture of dad meeting Benita Clarke as he and I waited in the mall. (Incidentally, it was dad’s first time in Fayette Mall.) Benita recognized dad immediately, as if he was famous, and it just tickled him to death. It made me mighty proud, like I’m not already proud of my folks. I sure won the lottery when they picked me to be their kid.


birthday presents
birthday presents

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  1. Shirley A. Terry

    Awwww thank you, baby girl. We love you, very proud and blessed to have you; we treasure each and every moment we share with you. God’s Love and Blessings to you always.

  2. Bree

    I had a minute to peruse FB tonight while taking a break and stumbled on this Outhouse edition. I love your posts about your mom and dad. I feel like I know them.
    And I am honored that you selected my quote, thank you. I hope we manage to get together soon, I miss your face ❤

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