january 8, 2016

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“You have to learn to get up from the table when love is no longer being served.” ~ Nina Simone


a prayer for the outhouse (snapseed)
a prayer for the outhouse (snapseed)


Today sees me another trip around the sun. I am grateful for it, and every wonderful thing, person, opportunity that came my way as the hours ticked by. I must be doing something right for this morning I was gifted a book from Stacy that I shall cherish the rest of my days. It’s the Book of Common Worship; its leather cover embossed with a delicate Celtic cross. All day my facebook feed overflowed with heartfelt greetings from loved ones near and far. I was given, and shared, delicious cupcakes with colleagues. And though I took sick with a stomach upset and was unable to attend my own birthday dinner (pretty sad when you bail on your own birthday party if you ask me), I know my friends game to toast me will do so again when I am able. A phone call from Texas from my rock and roll sister, Kiya, warmed my heart. A mailbox full of cards, an adorable fridge magnet from St. Louis, and Wally met me at home. Text messages galore. And again there’s my Book of Common Worship smiling at me from every page. All this, after a wonderful evening with my parents last night, and I really don’t know how much more grateful a soul can be than mine is today.

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