january 9, 2022

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“Each morning offers us another chance for a fresh start.” ~ Unknown


Friday there was 10 inches of snow. Today, there were buckets of rain, enough to melt all the snow and flood Eastern Kentucky. Mom and I had rescheduled our canceled Frigid Friday follow-up Covid tests for today, so out into the buckets of wet cats and dogs we went. God bless those Covid testing technicians. They couldn’t overcome the frigid temps on Friday, but they devised the most clever wearable waterproof huts (the lime green shapes). They stay dry, at least from the knees up, and we get checked in, swabbed, and on with our day. As we await our results, I’m sure they’ll be negative as we both remain symptom-free. Dad continues to struggle with extreme fatigue, but it’s not every day a hero has to overcome Covid and pneumonia. In no time everything will be right as rain, so to speak. With all those prayers I’m sure of it.

techs in the rain

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