july 12, 2019

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“We meet no ordinary people in our lives. If you give them a chance, everyone has something amazing to offer.” ~ Unknown


the dude abides (snapseed)


The last two weeks have been especially tense around these parts for obvious reasons so I decided some self care was in order. I did what I do every year at this time and made my way to the Berea Craft Fair with Stacy Yelton, stopping for a delicious high-caloric breakfast along the way. This time, however, I got a great big surprise when I arrived. You know how I like to stalk Rebecca and David Campbell with my camera, sneaking up on them and snapping when they least expect it. My childhood BFF Ron Gevedon turned the tables on me. While I thought I was being clever snapping Becs and Dave, Ronnie was snapping me! He absolutely made my day. I have loved this man since we were children, and I admire so much his undying devotion to art, the making and appreciation of the craft, his own and that of others. He’s the real deal. 


old friends (snapseed)


West Liberty contingent (snapseed)


miss sweetness (snapseed)


Ronnie told me straight away that he’d run into another friend of mine earlier. A woman with a jewelry booth. I knew immediately it was Deb Cheanult. Stacy and I made our way to her booth, and upon seeing me she said, “Hey, there was a guy here that…” “Ron Gevedon!” I exclaimed. One of my all-time favorite things is when friends meet friends. One day, when we all have more time together, Ron and Deb will be BFFs, too. And that day is not too far off. Ronnie and I compared our countdowns to retirement today. I’m beyond proud and grateful that he and I have walked this journey together.


honorary Morgan Countian (snapseed)

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