july 19, 2016

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“I’ve got too much to do to wait on someone to turn the light on my path.” ~ T. D. Jakes


three ugly sisters
three ugly sisters

I heard a story some years ago that three houses by Gratz Park were built for three sisters. I snapped a pic of these three houses on Saturday believing them to be the houses in question. I did some sleuthing, and sure enough, I was right. These are the three houses built for three sisters. Apparently they’re nicknamed the three ugly sisters, though they’re officially called the Goodloe Houses after the Widow Goodloe who built them in 1901 for her three daughters. Daddy Goodloe, Col. William Cassius, had been the U.S. Ambassador to Belgium under President Hayes among other titles. The family actually lived in the Loudon House from 1870-1889 before moving to Gratz Park (I don’t know what precipitated the move) . The Goodloe houses were the last erected beside the park, and they share identical floor plans. I love history. And since Lexington was once known as the Athens of the West, there’s plenty of it to be found here.

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