july 21, 2020

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“A transition is how we get unstuck. A lifequake may be voluntary (we leave a bad marriage, start a new enterprise) or involuntary (we get laid off, become ill), but the transition must be voluntary. We must choose to take the steps and go through the process of turning our fear and anxiety into renewal and growth.” ~ Bruce Feiler

filling station

Not too far from the Disputanta post office is this little creek in a place called Climax. Not kidding. And it’s not just any little creek, it’s spring-fed complete with waterfall. If you squint your eyes, face west, lift your left leg, and hum Eleanor Rigby you’ll see it back in the shadows of the bottom photo. What’s more, the community has a free running tap near the road. There were people filling their water bottles the entire time we were there. You can see them in the top photo if you squint your eyes, face east, lift your right leg, and sing Yellow Submarine. Just off to the right of the photo is the King Bottling Company that harness the spring water for distribution, but it’s really cool that the community keeps the spring available to the locals, too. I’m looking forward to going back in fall when the leaves are bright and crisp. It’s a really beautiful part of Kentucky.



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