july 9, 2013

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Don’t waste your life trying to impress other people. Do what you love, love what you do.” ~ Jim @thedailybuddha

the employed (hipstamatic)
the employed (hipstamatic)

See that twinkle in my eye? That’s because today I was offered and accepted a job as manager for the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History in Special Collections at UK Libraries. Years ago, before I took the job running the newspaper program, I helped develop the first digitization efforts for the Nunn Center. Since then, Director Doug Boyd has catapulted the Nunn Center onto the world stage. From around the globe, he is the man they call, and the Nunn Center’s collections are second to none. That I am returning  is the best possible job, and one that I can really sink my teeth into. Doug has always talked to me as an equal. He’s smart, creative, innovative, ballsy (thank God), and he asks the right questions. Yet, something he said made all the difference for me. When I said I’d be happy to work for him, he quickly stopped me and said, “With, not for.” BAM – I was ready to go to work that very moment! I am so incredibly blessed that words really don’t suffice: Blessed to be employed, blessed to have great co-workers (the ones who knew about this today could not have been kinder to me), blessed to have built an incredible national newspaper collection, and blessed to continue my career at the University of Kentucky. See what faith can do? Never doubt the power of positive thinking. Ever.

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