june 15, 2012

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It’s better to be hated for what you are, than to be loved for what you’re not.” ~ Kurt Cobain

first impressions

This is Mary Carroll-Hackett, the woman who convinced me to blog my photo-a-day project. The outhouse was born thanks to her. The thing is, Mary and I had never met in person until today – at the very moment of this picture, in fact. Yet, she never felt like a stranger to me. She brought along her sister, Crickett (in red), whom I also loved at first sight. Teachers. Friends. Sisters. Light. The goodness gives me chills.

bear clan sisters

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  1. laura tringali holmes

    Hi! Friend of Greg Mellin here! I can’t seem to “like” or follow this site, but I’ve bookmarked it. Curious about the outhouse, because I like places where art goes!

    • kopana

      Hi Laura! So good to virtually meet you. You can like the outhouse on facebook, follow me on twitter @tahlequah8 or RSS the blog (as you’ve done). Greg sent me a link to your site – AWESOME!!!!

  2. Benita

    What a treat to meet Mary since she inspired you to do this daily blog! We’re so blessed to be able to enjoy your photos and tour insight. Thanks for letting us enjoy the fruits of your creativity šŸ™‚

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