june 16, 2012

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Good things are coming down the road, just don’t stop walking.” ~ Unknown

a kinder soul

Could anything make the weekend better after meeting my friend Mary? Only one thing and that was also meeting my friend, Ken Bailey, for the first time in person. Some people come into your life through unusual avenues, but their light shines as bright as if they had walked through your front door. Ken Bailey, like Mary, is one of those people. I also met his son, singer-songwriter Daniel Bailey. He’s as kind and warm as his dad and they’re both SO funny! As a bonus, Mary, Cricket, and Stacy Yelton were along for the ride. If there was any more goodness and light today I think it would have to be the light – it was just that awesome and I am just that thankful!

the sun

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  1. ken bailey

    Thanks Kopana for the kind words and the cool pictures. I really enjoyed meeting you in person……..and you are exactly as I imagined.

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