june 28, 2016

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“A fearless heart is free of desire. A kind heart finds paradise everywhere.” ~ Alan Yuen


turn right
turn right


Remember in yesterday’s post I said you pass through a little spot called Tribbey on your way to Hardburly? In addition to the Church of God (where Johnny preaches), Tribbey has a building that used to be a store. It sits in the road (below). Dad said trucks and cars used to hit the building all the time, especially large delivery trucks. You can see in the bottom photo just how narrow the road is up the hollow. Image when trains were still running through there! The residents didn’t pull up the tracks. They just built around them, over them, or on top of them. You can still follow them up the hollow between the creek and the road. Just watch out for that store.


watch where you're going
watch where you’re going

  1. Lois Wilson

    Trip this fall with all family members and friends that would like to take a trip and hear all the stories from our older brothers.

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