june 6, 2021

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“Believe what your heart tells you, not what others say.” ~ Unknown

the front

One of the best things we did with The Barnes’ was lunch at a place called Crown Candy in old north St. Louis. It’s one of the nation’s oldest soda fountains. Opened in 1913 by Greek immigrants Harry Karandzieff and Pete Jugaloff. Harry’s grandsons run the place today, and they’ve changed little of the place. They still hand make their candies, ice cream, shakes/malts/sundaes, and sandwiches. They put real bananas in their banana shakes. That alone won my heart. I bought some of their candy for Hero and Shero so they could sort of take a little vacation with me. They enjoyed it. If dad ever gets over his broken back I’d love to take them Crown Candy. They would love it. Plus, it might just be one of my all-time favorite places. I need to go back and photograph it again, and I need another fabulous afternoon with the Barnes’.

the back

  1. MOM

    OH WOW…..the candy from there was absolutely delicious. Thanks for bringing chocolate..!!!!!! YUM

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