june 7, 2021

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“We must give ourselves permission to be who we want to be, even if we don’t have the blueprint yet.” ~ Luvvie Ajayi

Shirley’s roses

There’s a patch of soil by mom and dad’s deck that screamed to be a flower bed when they moved in. Last year mom and I did just that, planting three small rose bushes, two even smaller lavender bushes, and a hibiscus. Everything else was an annual. I think it fair to say we all tired of the annuals pretty quickly, but the roses were a hit with everyone, especially dad. Until then I had no idea he loved roses. During my staycation last week I did a major clean up of the bed, leaving out the annuals, and good thing, too. The peach rose bush is so robust and full that it has quadrupled in size just since we trimmed it in March (props to Rose Maven Marie Dale for her trimming tips). Talk about a knock out – this bouquet came from a single stalk. We spent the evening raising and tying other stalks weighed down with more flowers and buds than we could count. Dad loved it, mom adores it, and I’m tickled pink (peach) we did it.

  1. MOM

    Thanks goes to you bc you’re the one with the “green thumb”. I can’t even grow artificial flowers…LOL Love you my little rose petal…!

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