march 16, 2018

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“Love yourself.” ~ Unknown


from the drive


I’ve shown you snow shots from the President’s yard. I’ve even shown you summer, spring and fall shots from the President’s yard, but I don’t think I’ve actually shown the President’s house. Here it is in all its snowy glory.


from the front


It’s called Maxwell Place (good luck not calling it Maxwell House), and I believe it was built by (or for) a former president’s son. Preservationists saved it from the wrecking ball many years ago when the University was on a search and destroy mission that claimed the Carnegie Library in 1967 (that’s right; we had a library built in 1909 by Andrew Carnegie funds, and then torn down for the Patterson Office Tower and Whitehall Classroom Building). All University President’s are given the keys to the house for their private use. Some have not lived there, opting instead to use it for parties while living off campus, but some Presidents, like Eli Capiluto, do live in the home. I prefer the latter, frankly. A home this beautiful should be lived in.


from the other side

  1. Shorty & Shirley

    I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and sharing our plane ✈️ trip to Washington with Dr. Eli Capiluto + other veterans/chaperones. He was polite and soft spoken and this was a day I shall always and forever cherish until the ending of my days.

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