march 20, 2021

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“There are times when my greatest accomplishment is just keeping my mouth shut.” ~ Unknown

ready for the day

For the first time in just over a year I put on a pair of jeans. Granted, I had to buy a new, bigger pair to do it, but it got done and milestone made. The bonus? They’re too big! As unintentional as that was, it’s actually a gentle nudge to mind what I eat and start dropping the Covid 20. I woke up feeling really good for the first time since my second shot on Tuesday. I got my schoolwork done. I went to the grocery and got Lilly treats so she’d stop quarreling at me. I am gearing up to come out of this cocoon, drop some weight, and get back to me. I’m not going to be able to hide this double chin under the mask forever.

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