march 3, 2017

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“Optimists are usually wrong. But all the great change in history, positive change, was done by optimists.” ~ Thomas Friedman


spirit guide


I was leaving work this evening when I felt a whoosh at my shoulder. He swooped from behind, then lit on a low branch just a few yards ahead. I had the camera out by the time I caught up with him. He watched carefully, but did not spook, not even as I moved around him. He didn’t leave his perch until I walked away. Decades ago, my close friend and Cherokee National Treasure Robert Lewis said my spirit animal is a hawk. He said this out of context of our conversation, which I found unusual. When someone as fine tuned as Robert says such things, I don’t forget it. I had noticed hawks more than any other bird, and needless to say, after he told me about its significance, I saw them even more. The hawk is a messenger, a guide, a spirit of intention. They are visionaries, able to see the big(ger) picture. They can be harbingers of tribulation, but more likely they bring news of the lifting spirit; of grander, higher spiritual attainments. So, when this Cooper’s hawk passed close enough to feel his current, I was pleased. Whether you believe in the old ways or not, you can believe that it’s a special thing to be nearly close enough to touch something so beautiful, so elegant and regal, so keen to the distant horizon. Such majesty is a gift. 

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