may 25, 2012

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The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

to the west (instagram)

I traveled to Tahlequah, Oklahoma for the 2-Pony Reunion and Survivor’s Gathering. There was no internet service. My only means of posting was through my phone via facebook. Posting a picture was really all I could manage. Make no mistake, there was much picture taking and happiness stuff (stuff’s the technical term). I returned with nearly 2,500 images and five days of love to share. For the next five posts you’ll find above the photos I was able to post and below what I would have posted had I been able to access more than my phone. I hope you enjoy the trip and feel the love as much as I did.

Memphis resident and massage therapist extraordinaire, Tammy Jo O’Neal, was my first passenger pick-up. The last 2-Pony gathering was in 2000. It had been even longer since I had seen Tammy Jo. My second passenger was Florida native Michelle Shute. She caught a ride up with her nephew who just happens to live a few blocks from Tammy Jo. Convenient! And thus, the love-fest began.

the cost of riding

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  1. Miguel

    Is that the name of your car, Ko? AND I’m glad you arrived home safely.

    Seriously, Is that your car’s name, Ko? I have a friend who’s writing a book, called “Why’d you name your car that?” That’s the working title anyway. And I’m sorta’ rounding up people with car names to tell their stories. She’s not started writing it yet, but the idea is STRONG and has been with her for a LONG time. “Blackbird”?

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