may 4, 2016

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“Sometimes you face difficulties not because you’re doing something wrong,
but because you’re doing something right.” ~ Unknown


pronounced "Yo-nun" (snapseed)
pronounced “Yo-nun” (snapseed)


Okay, I’ll admit it. I had a darned near perfect day. Let me back up. On Monday, awesome boss Doug Boyd gave me a gift he’d found while going through some things at home. This morning, while he and I were having a nice chat, in walks Crystal Heis: show and tell time! Doug gave me a tiny light meter (above). It sits on a camera’s hot shoe and runs on a watch battery. Crys and I tried to find some history on it. The best we could come up with was a $75 bid for one on eBay, and a video voiced in Dutch (zero help). Exit Crystal and Doug, enter Jen Bartlett and Shawn Livingston (below). They mostly dropped in to say hi with a sweet thank you card. Jen had just come from the dentist still numb. I’m happy to report she didn’t drool. Soon, Crys and I found ourselves at Le Madeleine people watching and having a great talk over breakfast food. The afternoon eventually gave way to a presentation by our Diversity Students wherein Jo Staggs-Neel told me I had movie star hair and Beth Kramer said she couldn’t tell I’d gained any weight. I told them I was buying a lottery ticket on the way home after such reviews. I topped that off with a great talk with Shawn on my way out (I saw he and Jen twice today – I really should have bought that lottery ticket). Did I mention my day started by getting the parking space closest to the garage exit? (this is a big deal, trust me) I had a feeling it was gonna be a good day, and it sure was. Many of my co-workers aren’t just colleagues, they’re friends. Really great, irreplaceable life-long friends. I’m blessed beyond measure.


trouble (snapseed)
trouble (snapseed)

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