may 7, 2014

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“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” ~ Unknown


honeysuckle (instagram)


I’m convinced heaven smells like Kentucky in spring, and right now, Kentucky smells like heaven thanks in part to honeysuckle. Native Kentucky honeysuckle is a beautiful and delicate vine. These days we mostly have a non-native woody beast that’s invasive as all get out. Conversely, the native vine is very hard to find. Nevertheless, honeysuckle’s aroma reminds me of my childhood. One whiff and I’m transported back to the mountains. I’m eight years old swinging from thick tree vines, letting go, and sliding down a muddy hill with Mark Collinsworth and Patty Vance. We suck sweet nectar out of a thousand honeysuckle blossoms when we reach the bottom, then climb up the hill, and do it again. Poison oak and ivy has no effect on us. Broken bones? Not a chance. I had a great childhood. Thank you, honeysuckle.

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