may 7, 2019

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“Treat everyone you meet like they are God in drag.” ~ Baba Ram Dass




This year’s weather turned out to be perfect for tulips. This red beauty in my backyard got its start in life as a UK tulip. It either came from the President’s yard or the main building grounds; impossible to say which. Years ago, before they changed the way landscaping is done on campus, they changed bulbs every year, and every year Marie, Crystal, Shell and I would gather as many freshly dug bulbs as we could carry. The bulbs were destined for the garbage bin. The gardeners hated to see them trashed as much as we did and turned their heads. In some cases, they gave us bags and helped us fill them. Most years the tulips in my yard have not faired well. This year has been different. The tulips don’t last long, but when they’re having a good year, my goodness the glory they possess. 


deep red

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