november 11, 2020

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“Be yourself. Weird, wonderful, sensitive, impulsive, crazy, mystical, vulnerable, lovable, magical and beautiful. The right people will adore you.” ~ TinyBuddha⠀

little ones

Three houses down is a small house with the most gorgeous red tree on the street. It’s like a torch of fire it’s so red this year. The front that moved through overnight brought rain that dropped the leaves of most trees. This morning I noticed the two little Cozy Coupe riding toys in the middle of all those fallen leaves. They looked beautiful and lonely in the mist. By evening the rain had stopped and I walked to Stacy’s to get Wally. The little toys caught my eye even in the dark. I whipped out my phone just as a car passed, offering a hint more light. One needn’t go far to find interest and beauty.

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