november 16, 2023

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“Somewhere in the world, a tree sprouted on the same day you were born and has been growing alongside you, and I think this is my favorite nature fact.” ~ Unknown

girl gang

It’s a crappy picture of the four of us, but it doesn’t dampen the fun we had this evening. It was Mama Heis’ birthday. To celebrate, we did a mother-daughter night, starting with a delicious dinner at Zim’s, followed by the opening night of White Christmas at the Lexington Opera House. White Christmas is Elaine’s favorite movie and a desert island pick for me, so none of us was sure how successful a theater production could be. Turns out it can be pretty successful. Much of the cast were actors who have done a lot of work on Broadway. There were certainly some beautiful voices and exceptional dance numbers throughout the show. The comedy was perfect – great one-liners. The actress who played Betty Haynes, Desi Oakley, has an exceptional voice, and that’s saying something, considering she had to fill Rosemary Clooney’s shoes. Other notables for me were Rachel Allison Black (hilarious delivery!) and Darius Jordan Lee, who played Phil Davis. But the entire ensemble was good. It was a triumph of an opening night for the production, and it was absolutely fabulous for me and the girls. We’re already planning the next outing. Plus, they all got to meet my beloved Kevin Dearinger. What a perfect way to start the holiday season.


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