november 17, 2023

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“If one truly loves nature one finds beauty everywhere.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh


It has been a crazy busy week that ended with a great day in Bowling Green at Western Kentucky University. I went to the third of this year’s OHA Meet-ups, this one hosted by Folklore Studies and Western Kentucky University Museum. I met some really fantastic people, one in particular (of course, I didn’t take her picture) who did her PhD dissertation on an eerily similar topic as I am doing for my thesis. Her name is Sydney Varajon, and we could have talked for hours, partly because we have a lot of notes to compare but also because she is just a really engaging, kind human being. The group of twenty-one oral historians had a lot of laughs and great brainstorming about the future of our little grassroots network. Then, I hopped to the other side of campus for an oral history interview with State Climatologist Jerry Brotzge, who is an utterly delightful and charming man. We had a great talk about tornadoes. Stupidly, I did not wear my Okie t-shirt because he spent 20 years in Norman calculating storms and making predictions. I really, really liked Jerry and I look forward to talking with him more. This was the perfect end to a good, busy week.

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