november 22, 2022

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“We’ve been infected with the idea that love is an emotion only felt between two people. But love is universal. An energy. A contagious force. A gift. To offer money to a homeless person is to love. To save a worm from the sun is love. To smile at a stranger is love. To be grateful, to be hopeful, to be brave, to be forgiving, to be proud, is to love.” ~ A.R. Lucas


A couple of months ago, I applied for a fellowship from the Vernacular Architecture Forum to support my master’s thesis. Of course, if you’ve followed the outhouse for a bit, then you know how my fall has gone. I forgot about the fellowship application until today when I received a letter saying I had been awarded the Orlando V. Ridout Fellowship. I let out a tiny squee. I could use a little good news, and there it is. Had a pretty good day.

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