november 27, 2017

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“The secret to living well and longer is: eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure.”
~ Tibetan Proverb




There’s something about JC that dad is instinctively drawn to. I don’t know if it’s his laugh, his all-boy ways, his sweet smile, or what, but when dad sees JC there’s no one else in the room. Last Saturday, we gathered at Tony and Charlene’s for what I call Thanksgiving Part 2 (Uncle Tony called it Cowboy Chili and Soup). More of the family was there than formal Thanksgiving, and that’s a pretty good achievement. The kids had two acres to run around on in stunningly perfect weather, but JC took time out of his heavy play date to hug his buddy, Shorty. The two of them together warm my heart. 



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  1. Debbie Ratliff

    Precious pic! Shorty is such a kind, good hearted and wonderful man. I miss seeing his smiling face at the bank. Love you Shorty!

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