october 26, 2018

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“There are two ways of being rich: one is to have all you want, the other is to be satisfied with what you have.” ~ Unknown




Several months ago I bought an incredible piece of art by VL Cox. Lynette (VL) and I have been friends for a couple of decades now (courtesy Angie Bliss Fanning), and her career as an artist has skyrocketed in that time. In fact, right now, she’s riding a shooting star, getting noticed in NYC and DC and Lord knows where else. She’s doing really great, important work. So when I had a chance to buy a piece, I took it. Today, I drove out to Oklahoma and made a pit stop in Little Rock, Lynette’s home base, and picked up the painting entitled “Castile.” I met her sweet partner, Sherrie Shepherd herself an accomplished artist (see syndicated cartoon ‘Francie’), who helped facilitate the drive by art deal. You know, some people do drug deals. I do art deals. I think it’s a habit worth keeping, and if I ever have the means to buy another VL Cox, I’m doing it. A photo does not do this painting justice. It’s absolutely stunning. I win Friday.


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