october 4, 2012

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Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ~ Roald Dahl

knowing look

This Fall is hard for a lot of people I hold dear. My old college friend, Kevin Johnson pictured here at dinner, is one of them. This morning I nabbed shots of BFF Stacy Yelton’s gorgeous sugar maple. She’s also having a rotten Fall. Hard as it is to accept, some things must die to make room for new and better things. This is evolution; growth; progress. For the tree, rebirth brings strong, supple leaves that provide shade and oxygen. For humans, it brings healing and cleansing of spirit so that we can face our next chapter with clear mind and strong heart. May my down-trodden friends weather this Fall through tenacious love and compassion, and come spring, may they bloom whole again. Amen.

the beauty of dying

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