october 3, 2012

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Life is an echo: what you send out comes back.” ~ Chinese Proverb

reflections of (snapseed)

It was a year ago today that Pame Kingfisher called me. Our beloved Lance Hughes had walked on. It had been a morning of calls and updates and prayers both silent and aloud. Unlike today, with its bright blue skies, that day was overcast and grey in Kentucky, and in the depths of gloom came the inevitable news from Oklahoma. Thankfully, Pame was there to administer proper Native custom. After four days, she performed the water ceremony which sent his spirit onward. Through Pame’s guidance, to mark this year’s passage, loved ones gather at water’s edge for the Wiping of Tears Ceremony. “So, wipe your tears, sweep your porch, remove a negative symbol and replace with a positive one, listen for Lance, and be ever vigilant in your positive love.” We are blessed, and we are thankful.

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