september 11, 2018

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“It’s all about love.
Love for the people in your life,
Love for the people you don’t know.
Love for the people you don’t understand,
Love for the people that don’t understand you.
If you treat others with love – that means kindness, gentleness, patience, sincerity, equity, edification – then you will be a positive force for change in a world that is starving for it.”  ~ Andrew Perkins


names (snapseed)


Every September 11 the University of Kentucky outlines with American flags an enormous 9/11 symbol on the front lawn. The Kentucky state and American flags fly at half staff. Military members take turn marching in a precise square around the flag pole while other members of the student body read the 3000+ victim names. This is the routine every September 11. Meanwhile, on social media, it’s meme after meme of ‘never forget,’ as if anyone alive that day ever could. There was a guy on facebook recently ranting about a politician’s lack of service that day, or rather, what he thought she should have been doing instead of what she was doing. Ironically, what she was actually doing was sitting in a Marine fighter jet on a tarmac awaiting orders to shoot down more civilian planes should they be hijacked. I don’t know how much more she could have done, frankly. That was a helluva lot more than most of America. Still, everyone I knew that day wanted to help in some way. Some joined the military. Some went back into active service. Some were in NYC or DC to help with cleanup. Some just baked cakes for their neighbors because that’s all they could do, but everybody tried to find some way to help. Shoot, I was ready to enlist myself until Angie Bliss Fanning reminded me that I was too old and cranky. FYI, the cut-off is 35 for Army enlistment, which, naturally, would be my branch of choice. When you’re under attack you want to do something to ease the pain and suffering, stop being scared, exact revenge, insert your feelings here. That’s natural. But sometimes, particularly after this attack, continuing to be live life to its fullest is the best course of action. There’s still plenty for everyone to do to keep us safe, keep us going. I’d recommend voting in every election as a start. 

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