september 12, 2018

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“Start doing something good. It could be just cleaning out your old closet, or calling your Mom and give her a pep talk. Just anything you can do that is outside of yourself. It will make you feel a bit better.” ~ Yoko Ono


get a leg up (Hipstagram)


Stacy’s helping Big Boy get a leg up after Frisch’s on Harrodsburg Road got a major facelift. Tonight was their grand re-opening, so naturally, we stopped in to help celebrate because we love our local Frisch’s, and who doesn’t love Big Boy, the mascot or the sandwich? I like what they’ve done with the place and they’ve got a mostly new wait-staff as well. We had great food, great conversation, and a great celebration of a restaurant Mamaw would have eaten at. Today was her birthday. Celebrate your people with more of your people and a Big Boy.

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