september 12, 2021

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“The real secret to a fabulous life is to live imperfectly with great delight.” ~ Unknown

look out, Ethel!

Lordy, these two: I gotta be careful when I take them out of the house these days. This is what a pandemic lockdown can do to otherwise sane adults. Props to cousin Kenzie Moore for sharing the love of her Can-Am trike motorcycle with the parents. They obviously had a great time. Note: No parents were injured in the making of these stills. They didn’t drive or even ride. The bike was stationary, and good thing, too, because they both needed help on and off. But boy did dad have a blast making motorcycle noises, and mom couldn’t make enough funny faces. The entire family howled with laughter. A few others in the family did take it for a spin around the yard. Note: No relatives were harmed in the making of those stills either. I’d say it was a pretty doggone funny day.

mister cool
bad to the bone


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  1. Barbara Schirmer

    Thank You for letting us celebrate his big B.D. together, had a great time it was a fun day at Renee‘s.

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