september 13, 2021

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“What makes a successful person is not being fearless, but pushing through the things that scare you the most.” ~ Kesha


Pretty sure these two have looked like this since they were boys. Dad often tells the story of Phillip’s birth, how harrowing it was (something about a compressed chest), and how he couldn’t hold down mother’s milk. The coal camp doctor recommended he be fed cow’s milk. The family had a milk cow – named Betsy no less – and dad remembers clearly holding the cow’s tail while his father squirted warm milk into Phillip’s tiny mouth. It’s a matter of debate on just how accurate the story really is because dad couldn’t have been more than four or five years old at the time, but what’s certain from his repeated tellings is that Phillip was in trouble, a local doctor recommended cow’s milk, dad was asked to help, and Phillip lived. Now here they are laughing it up 80 years later. Ain’t life grand sometimes?

second childhood

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